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2	The Wild Folk Singer
3	Black Girl*
4	Indigestion Blues (Real Audio)
5	The Kite
6	Bertís Learning the Guitar Blues
7	The Judge
8	Bert Meets Folk 
9	Pretty Mama*
10	Silver Threads Among the Sheets
11	Seduction at Sundown
12	Outskirts of Town*
13	The Last Thing On My Dirty Mind
14	The Drunken Fox (Real Audio)
15	 John Henry*
16	This Bloody War

All songs and parodies written by Bert except   *traditional.
Recorded, edited and produced by Dave Toye at Riverway, Horsham in 1985.
Further editing, mastering, digital transfers and design by Jim Ward at 
Country Branch, Crawley  in Decenber, 2002.    

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1929 - 2002